only an empty silence is her greeting as hollow eyes meets roseate tresses flocked upon the other’s visage, that severe stare eying the soldier the way one observes their next prey ( —& she may or may not be deciding whether or not the woman’s hair is edible ).


               intrigue sparks in void & dark eyes ; girl’s ebony hues would s t a r e with such the intensity that it would not have been nonviable if she had bore holes straight through target’s flesh. she had laid eyes upon many uncanny things before, of course; but there was an unexplainable quality in the petite, canine-like creature that simply enraptures her undivided attention.

             lips would twitch, if only sparingly so, curving porcelain visage into expressions that baffled even itself whether to form a frown or to be agape in curiosity. supple digits reacts first, reaching into her sachet of multicolored candies & rummages through its contents ‘till hands manage to grasp a particular delectable near the bottom of the bag ( albeit, one of the few that had not been drugged ). with monotonous stares still assumed, fingers gingerly dangles the chosen treat just beyond the biological teigu’s reach ( with mannerisms teetering just past the definition of ’ playful ’ ). lips would crack open just the slightest & ivories would part to allow the softest of timid whispers to escape.




            somnolent breath hitches abruptly, haunted slumber is intruded by the sounds of sharp knocks against the bedroom’s door. lashes are given only moments to flutter open before combatant’s instincts kick in, body swiftly lurching forward unto a sitting position upon the bed. disheveled tresses from the night’s sleep flocked wildly on ebony crown as eyes laid scrutiny on the empty room ; & stiff shoulders loosen as she is assured that there was no presence laid hidden for an ambush.


            hands quickly yanks the blankets from where it laid & with a burst of sudden energy, she slides from the matresses — or would, if agonizing pains did not capture her at first step. ivories grit, biting down upon her tongue to ease down a cry & appendages gingerly reach for the source of the throbbing sores, a bandaged area at the base of her neck. a tight grimace splays upon her mouth as another twinge of pain races through her spine at the lightest touch, but is forced away ( the fact that it had not been healed yet was undeniably bad news ; but she couldn’t afford that to be the reason for any one’s worry ). wounds aside, ruffled locks are quickly brushed down in the hopes of being mildly presentable before digits grasp cold handles & opens. 


                    …good morning —

         & a languid yawn interrupts her drowsy syllables, palms attempting to rub the sleep from bleary eyes yet still. mmm, more tired than usual.


                    hey, its really you this time too,
                      right , big sis ?

                 hushed breaths cuts through the taut air, their notes laced with the euphoria & awe parred with a mere child, that had been gifted with their favorite sweets. porcelain countenances flush a mirthful vermilion, hopeful stygian hues fully encroached with the visage of the ravenette, whose semblance ( like that of the darkest of nights, but their terrains stained in blood was eternally engraved upon her mind. plush lips would stretch into a delighted smile unto long-lost kin yet the factor of joy behind those lips was queerly nonexistent. & she only profess her next words almost shyly in but murmurings, pallid digits clasped hidden behind her back whilst sharp nails bit into soft flesh — perchance a restraint, for an influx of unknown emotions.

               i’ve really missed you, you know …
                 but i’m still glad —

                        —-and this time, i’ll end you for sure.


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